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Research interests:
Analysis and synthesis of algorithms for inductive inference: classification and model trees. Clustering, Association Rule Discovery, Associative Classification. Applications include Knowledge Discovery in Databases and Data Mining, (multi)Relational Data Mining, Data Stream Mining, Map Interpretation and Spatial Data Mining, Data Mining Query Language.


Annalisa Appice

PhD in Computer Science

Assistant Professor

Dipartimento di Informatica 
Università degli Studi di Bari 
Via Orabona 4 
70126 Bari - Italy  

phone: +39 080 5443262 
fax: +39 080 5443269  





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Nationality: Italian




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She acted as a referee of several international journals ( Machine Learning , International Journal of Data Mining, Modelling and Management (IJDMMM), International Journal of Geographical Information Science (IJGIS), Information Sciences, AACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data, Fundamenta Informaticae, Pattern Recognition Letters , Data and Knowledge Engineering (DKE), Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS), Journal of Science and Engineering (TKJSE), International Journal of Computers and Applications ...) and conferences.

She has participated to the organization of: Multi-Relational Data Mining (MRDM 2007) co-located with the 18th European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML) and the 11th European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (PKDD) (as co-chair)

She has served in the organizing committee of:

She has participated as speaker in the tutorial on “Knowledge Mining by Symbolic Data Analysis and the Sodas Sofware” organized by Paola Brito and Edwin Diday in conjunction with IFCS 2006 Conference Data Science and Classification, Ljubljana, Slovenia, July 25 - 29, 2006. She has presented a work on “Dissimilarity and Matching”.



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KDB2000: A KDD support system

ARES: Association Rule Extractor from Spatial data

 SONN: a Symbolic Object K-NN classifier

 MuReNA: a MUlti-RElatioNA data mining system

 CORSO: Custering Of Related Structured Objects

 SUMATRA: SUMmArization by TRend cluster discovery Algorithm


Undergraduate Courses

Academic year 2010-2011

Advanced Computer Programming Methods (Metodi Avanzati di Programmazione) Informatica - Bari Academic Years 10/11

Academic year 2009-2010

Algorithms and Data Structures Lab (Laboratorio di Algoritmi e Strutture Dati) - Bari (TPS) Academic Years 09/10

Programming Languages (Informatica: Linguaggi) - Bari (Laurea Triennale in Fisica) Academic Years 09/10

Advanced Computer Programming Methods (Metodi Avanzati di Programmazione) Informatica - Bari Academic Years 09/10

Academic year 2008-2009

Advanced Computer Programming Methods (Metodi Avanzati di Programmazione) Informatica - Brindisi Academic Years 08/09