Advanced Database Systems - UNYT

Academic Year 2018/2019

Lecturer: Michelangelo Ceci

Lecture Notes (password: ads2018):

01 - Active Databases
02 - Technology of db servers.pdf
03 - object relational databases.pdf
04- Distribuited architectures.pdf
05- NoSQL.pdf


ES01 - Triggers Practice
ES02 - Physical aspects
ES03 - Object-relational: Create three types under student: person_ty, student_ty and part_time_student_ty. Create also a method for each of them by overriding. Create a table of random objects (either of type person_ty, student_ty or part_time_student_ty) an run the methods by expliting dynamic binding. see also: Polymorphism in oracle.doc possible solution
ES04 - Distributed: Find the product names of the products bought by 'Roy' (Roy is the last name of the customer in SH.customers). The table SH.CUSTOMERS must be queried from another DB server, while the tables SH.PRODUCTS and SH.SALES must be queried locally.

Academic Year 2017/2018

Part I

Lecturer: Roberto Corizzo

Lecture Notes:

01 - Active Databases
02 - Triggers in Oracle
03 - NoSQL


ES01 - Triggers Practice
ES02 - HBase and Hadoop Practice