I'm Associate Professor at
Dipartimento di Informatica of Universita' degli Studi di Bari

Main Interests
- Multimedia Systems
- Operating Systems
- Pattern recognition
- E-learning
- Software for people with disabilities

Short Biography

Prof.Giovanni Dimauro, born in Taranto 28.6.1964, obtained the Diploma of Degree in Computer Sciences at the University of the Studies in Bari, Italy on June 19, 1987 and it is currently Associate Professor at the same University. Presently he is Associate Professor of Operating Systems course and Multimedia Systems.


The scientific activity is evident from the many papers published in scientific journal and books and in the proceedings of conferences. In more than 20 years the scientific interest of Prof. Dimauro was focused on some thematic related to Multimedia Systems, Operating Systems, Pattern Recognition, E-learning, Software for people with disabilities, Intelligent Systems. Prof. Dimauro is Referee of international scientific journal and series of lectures and thematic inherent workshops in which he develops his scientific production; he belongs to some national and international scientific associations.


Giovanni Dimauro is the author of the book 'Sistemi Multimediali - Dalla progettazione degli elementi all'e-learning', Aracne, September 2009. Bibliography


Giovanni Dimauro is the inventor and owner of the patent (with Impedovo, Pirlo) for the 'Cattedra Multimediale Integrata per la Formazione in presenza ed a Distanza', Patent n.0000260729.