Yet another INduction Yields to ANother Generalization

Welcome. This is the homepage for YINYANG system. This system contains the implementation of the methodology for Supervised Concept Learning in Description Logics. It is the main contribution of Luigi Iannone's Ph.D. dissertation (available upon request). We believe that Machine Learning can be very useful in order to overcome the bottleneck of manual ontology creation. Machine Learning has the following advantages w.r.t. manual ontology building:

Below you can find:

Please Notice This system is still in its early phase of development. It is not meant for any other use than research (both academic and not). The main purpose for making it available is to make it use by unbiased people that can spot inconsistencies and bugs that its developers could not. Therefore, if you think you found a bug, an inconsistency or simply something weird do not hesitate in contacting the person in charge for YINYANG (i.e.: Luigi Iannone). Any feedback is welcome (as far as it is polite :-)) but for more technically sound replies it is forseaable that you paste in your messages both the particular learning problem and the console log. YINYANG works with DIG 1.1 Description Logic Reasoning services and has been successfully tested with RacerPro (Commercial) and Pellet (Free for research use)

For more theoretical aspects of our approach for Supervised Concept Learning we suggest the following papers (more up to date bibliography will appear soon):