Biographical Sketch

Filippo Lanubile is a Full Professor of computer science at the University of Bari, Italy, where he leads the Collaborative Development Research Group. He is the Rector’s Delegate for the GARR network (the Italian academic and research computer network) and the Chair of the Scientific Board of the e-infrastructure ReCaS, Center of Bari. From 1995 to 1997, he was a research associate in the Experimental Software Engineering Group at the University of Maryland. He is a recipient of a NASA Group Achievement Award (1996), an IBM Eclipse Innovation Award (2006), an IBM Faculty Award (2008), and the Software Engineering Innovation Foundation Award from Microsoft Research (2011). His current research interests lie at the intersection of Software Engineering and Social Computing, and are aiming at advancing research and practice in collaborative software development. Filippo Lanubile is a member of the Editorial Board of the Empirical Software Engineering (Springer) journal and the Advisory Board of IEEE Software. In 2013 and 2008, he has been respectively the General Chair and the Program Chair of the IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE). He is currently a member of the Steering Committee of the same conference. Previously, he was the Workshop Chair of the Int. Workshop on Social Software Engineering (SSE'14), the co-organizer of the CSCW workshop on Trust in Virtual Teams, the Workshop Chair of the 2nd Int. Workshop on Social Software Engineering and Applications (SoSEA 2009), and the co-organizer of the 2003 and 2004 editions of the International Workshop on Global Software Development.