1st Workshop on Decision Making and Recommendation Acceptance Issues in Recommender Systems (DEMRA 2011)

In conjunction with User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization (UMAP 2011)

Motivations and Objectives

Recommender Systems (RSs) have proved to be a valuable kind of adaptive and intelligent systems for coping with the information overload problem.

While a lot of discussion has been made on recommendation techniques and algorithms, few studies have stood from users' angles to consider their acceptance of recommendations. Characterizing and evaluating the quality of user experience and users’ subjective attitudes toward the acceptance of recommender technology is an important issue which merits attention from researchers and practitioners in both web technology and human factor fields. Therefore, the main goal of the workshop is to stimulate the discussion around problems, challenges and research directions about the acceptance of recommender technology.

Some questions motivate this workshop:

  1. What does influence and determine the acceptance of the suggestions computed by a RS?
  2. How does the presentation of the computed recommendations can increase the acceptance of the suggestions and of the whole system?
  3. How explanation techniques can contribute to establish trust?
  4. Are there general rules or guidelines for system design that can be proved to be effective in influencing the user acceptance?
  5. How the recommendations should be adapted to the context of the human computer interaction to increase their acceptance?
  6. What Persuasion strategies could be more effective in increasing the recommendation take up?
  7. What kinds of decision processes occur in users of recommender systems, and how RSs can support these processes?

In particular, the workshop will focus on the following aspects: