SWAP - Semantic Web Access and Personalization Research Group

ACM Summer School on Recommender Systems 2019
Lecture: Advances in Content-based Recommender Systems

Giovanni Semeraro
Marco de Gemmis
Pasquale Lops
Cataldo Musto
Fedelucio Narducci


  • M. De Gemmis, P. Lops, C. Musto, F. Narducci, and G. Semeraro. Semantics-aware content-based recommender systems. In "Recommender Systems Handbook", pages 119-159. 2015 (Link)
  • P. Lops, C. Musto, F. Narducci, and G. Semeraro. Semantics in Adaptive and Personalised Systems - Methods, Tools and Applications. Springer, 2019 (in press). ISBN 978-3-030-05618-6 (Link)


Hands-on Session

We will use the MiniConverse Framework

Software Requirements:

Java 7 or newer Maven Java IDE (Recommended: Eclipse with EGit plugin installed)

Installation guide:

  • Import the project into Eclipse using

File > Import > Git > Projects from Git 1.1.

  • Select "Clone URI" and click Next 1.2.
  • Paste the repository's URL (https://github.com/aiovine/RecSysSummerSchool2019.git) in the URI text box and click Next 1.3.
  • Keep clicking Next until the project is imported
  • In Eclipse, right-click on the pom.xml file and select Run As > Maven install
  • To launch the interface, right-click on the DialogManager class, and select Run As > Java Application

Please note, to run the system, you must add the appropriate lines of code where highlighted. This will be the goal of the hands-on session.