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Accepted Papers

  • 1) Stefano Teso, Andrea Bontempelli, Fausto Giunchiglia and Andrea Passerini - Interactive Label Cleaning with Example-based Explanations

  • 2) Martin Jullum, Annabelle Redelmeier and Kjersti Aas - Efficient and simple prediction explanations with groupShapley: A practical perspective

  • 3) Ivan Donadello and Mauro Dragoni - Bridging Signals to Natural Language Explanations With Explanation Graphs

  • 4) Rodolfo Delmonte - What’s Wrong with Deep Learning for Meaning Understanding

  • 5) Purin Sukpanichnant, Antonio Rago, Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn and Francesca Toni - LLRP-Based Argumentative Explanations for Neural Networks

  • 6) Andrea Apicella, Salvatore Giugliano, Francesco Isgrò and Roberto Prevete - Explanations in terms of Hierarchically organised Middle Level Features