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Research Interests:  Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery in Ubiquitous Environment & Business Intelligence

Ravi Pratap Singh
Visiting Researcher

Dipartimento di Informatica 
Università degli Studi di Bari 
Via Orabona 4 
70126 Bari - Italy  

phone: +39 080 5442299 

email: ravi@di.uniba.it 

LACAM lab.





Curriculum Vitae




Current Assignment

    Supervisor: Prof. Donato Malerba, Computer Science Department, University of Bari

    He is involved in the following EUROPEAN PROJECT:

    KDubiq (Knowledge Discovery in Ubiquitous Environments)


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International Internships

German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Kaiserslautern, Germany
Under Professor Andreas Dengel, scientific director & head of research department “Knowledge Management” and Oleg Rostanin, Researcher, DFKI.

Integrated Sesame (an open source Java framework for storing, querying and reasoning with RDF and RDF Schema) into TEAL (Task-Embedded Adaptive Learning) project undertaken by DFKI. Improved the existing GUI to make it more user friendly with the help of "Java look and feel Graphics Repository". Also contributed in making the existing project open source. Task involved studying various license agreements and selecting the one for the project.


Institute of Electrical Engineering & Information Technology(ITEE), Australian Defense Force Academy, University of New South Wales(UNSW@ADFA), Canberra, Australia
Under Dr. Hussein A Abbass, Director, Artificial Life and Adaptive Robotics Laboratory at UNSW@ADFA.

1) Developed software for Automatic text classification using concept hierarchy derived from domain
ontology using XML, RMI, etc.

2) Developed a mobile agent (Aglets 2.0.2) framework in which mobile agents are required to collect data
from remote locations for learning at the server. The project also integrates the framework with the
existing genetic-based learning classifier system written in C++ language using Java Native Interface.


National Research Council - Institute for Information Technology(Govt. of Canada), Ottawa, Canada. Under Larry Korba, Group Leader, Information Security Group (ISG) ,NRC-IIT

Contributed to DCAM (Distributed Computer Activity Monitoring) Project. The prototype automatically discovers and analyzes social networks that are developed between individuals by monitoring computer activities in a distributed fashion. The objective of the project is Machine based determination of illegal insider or terrorist activities and Process & Activity flow management in organizations.




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Some Projects Undertaken

Grid Based Data-Mining in Real-life Business Scenario with Efficient Software Management using Mobile Agents as a part of M.Tech Thesis under guidance of Prof. G.K. Sharma, IIITM.

FUZZY Data Mining tool for decision support on customer insolvency in telecommunication business
Guides: Dr. B.K.Mohanty (Indian Institute Of Management, Lucknow), Dr. R. Sahu (IIITM, Gwalior). It classifies the customers of a telecom company into potentially insolvent or solvent classes. The main challenge was to make a tool with very high accuracy for its commercial utilization. For this we have developed a new fuzzy ID3 decision tree algorithm. Tools Used: Matlab 6.1, MSACCESS.

Web-Based Management Information system (Project MISAL) developed for Dr. Reddy’s Foundation, Hyderabad. The Project aims at capturing the information from various LABS (Livelihood Advancement Business Process) Centers across the globe and analyzes data to support Decision Support in the organization.

Developed Management Information System (MIS) for CHILDLINE India foundation , Mumbai , an NGO working for the upliftment of underprivileged children. The project was in collaboration of Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of Maharashtra.

Network Applications: Remote Port Scanner, FTP, Remote Spell Checker, Mail Client, Chatting Client & Server in JAVA (Developed as part of the Network Management and Security course).


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R.P. Singh, A. Turi, D. Malerba: Grid-based data mining for market-based analysis in retail sector, Proceedings of the eighth International Conference on Data, Text and Web Mining and their Business Applications including Information Engineering Management (DMIE), 2007 in Southampton, UK.

D. Malerba, R.P.Singh: Chapter on Cross-area Integration to be published in the Blueprint for KDubiq (Knowledge discovery in ubiquitous environments), a European Union project (KDubiq FP6-021321) outlining the various research issues in the integration of various multi-disciplinary fields involved in ubiquitous knowledge discovery.

A. Appice, N. Barile, M. Ceci, D. Malerba & R. P. Singh: Mining Geospatial Data in a Transductive Setting, Proceedings of the eighth International Conference on Data, Text and Web Mining and their Business Applications including Information Engineering Management (DMIE), 2007 in Southampton, UK.


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Awards and Achievements


• All India Rank 45 (among top 0.10% of 40,000 candidates) in IIITM Entrance Examination.

• Merit Certificate issued by C.B.S.E. in Class X for Mathematics in 1998 for being in the top 0.1 %.

• Software Selected in Technical conference at IIT-Roorkee :Automatic Text Simplification Software (implemented C++) for Readers with Aphasia(who cannot resolve pronouns after some brain injury)

• Won 2nd prize in Web Designing Contest at “Infotsav-2002”, An All India technical festival held at IIITM     Gwalior.

Other distinctions/Extra curricular activities

• Volunteered in the Women Canada Cup Rugby 2005 at Twin Elm Stadium in Ottawa, Canada.

• Won best organizing team award for ‘CHAKRAVYUH’ event in Infotsav -2004. Chakravyuh is a Management cum Tech Mega Event which aimed to test both the technical and managerial skills of a team of four and to find out the best team. To find out best of the bests, only winners of other events were eligible to take part in this event.

• Won the First Prize in PPO (Person, Place, Organization) event in Infotsav-2003.

• Won the “Farthest Fan award” in a Baseball game at Lynx Stadium, Ottawa, Canada played between Ottawa Lynx and Toledo Mud Hens.

• Group leader in Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) Project, a combined effort of IIITM and Government of India (PHED Gwalior), for generating awareness for sanitation and to encourage the concept of community contribution.

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Interview1 with SWR during FIFA 2006(German, English, Italian)

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